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Retirement Plans
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Retirement Plans

A Forward-Thinking Approach

At Capstone, the future of your employees is in good hands. By partnering with plan fiduciaries to identify and implement the right retirement plan for your organization, we create outcomes that will make a difference down the line. Our services include plan benchmarking, service provider analysis and selection, investment due diligence, fiduciary oversight, and education programs for plan sponsors and participants — to name just a few. And since no two companies are alike, neither is our tailored approach, designed to help you minimize fiduciary liabilities, reduce fees, and advance retirement prospects for plan participants.

How we can help.

Plan Benchmarking

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Investment Due Diligence

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Fiduciary Oversight

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Education & Communication

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Corporate Benefits

We Put Your Employees First

In today’s remote-first environment, employees don’t just want a more expansive, innovative offering — they expect it. And at Capstone, we’re here to help you deliver. Not only will we partner with you to design the best benefits package possible, but we’ll also support you as the needs of your organization inevitably evolve along the way.

  • Health
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • HSA and FSA
  • Group Life, Short Term and Long Term Disability
  • Voluntary Benefits

HR Technology: Leveraging technology is the key to creating a seamless enrollment experience for your employees. Whether it’s executed through your payroll provider, an HR Platform, or a PEO, we can help guide you through this nuanced process with ease and insight.

Wealth Management

A Strong Foundation Starts With Us

For us, wealth management is personal. That’s why we provide a multi-layered, holistic approach to Wealth Management that’s designed to build a strong foundation for fiscal success. When you’re ready to get started, our experienced team will work with you to take stock of your current financial situation and plans for the future. Other factors at play are your risk tolerance and any upcoming spending needs — from healthcare to wellness, entertainment, and family milestones. The goal? To not only grow your wealth, but protect it for the long term so you can actually enjoy your retirement when that day finally comes.

With this roadmap as a guide, Capstone’s licensed advisors will develop an Investment Policy Statement (IPS), which explains the objectives as well as the “rules” for maintaining the account to ensure everyone is on the same page. The next step? Creating an investment allocation plan governed by policy that matches your distinct needs. At the end of the day, a well-structured IPS (as we like to call it) establishes a clear picture of how your wealth is actually invested.

Ongoing Investment Oversight: Even in a market that’s constantly changing, Capstone stays one step ahead. The truth is, investment options that were once strong performers can fall out of favor when market conditions evolve quickly — sometimes seemingly overnight. Luckily, our active oversight grants us the flexibility to be nimble and update your investment allocation as needed.


Our Expertise

  • Investment Education
  • Tax-Sensitive Planning
  • Liquidity Needs
  • Advisory Services
  • Education Savings Plans
  • Managed Accounts
  • Equities
  • Bonds
  • Fixed Income Products
  • Mutual Funds
  • Annuity Evaluation and Suitability
  • Insurance Analysis & Evaluation

Above all, we recognize that everyone’s financial situation is as unique as they are themselves. For that reason, our goal is to become experts on all of your distinct wealth needs so we can intelligently manage your investment returns while accounting for potential financial liabilities — both in the short and long term.